Stable v3: DEEP ABYSS!

Hi everyone!

Stable v3 of SilicMC is now released!


  • Plots must now be unlocked
  • Haste time is extended on block break
  • Scoreboard issue for new players should be fixed
  • Intro area was added
  • Gold canary was revamped
  • Mob drops have been removed, and coins/tokens will be given instead
  • Coins will now be auto compacted if need be
  • A new mine named Deep Abyss is now out! (Part 1)
  • Jukebox chances have increased
  • Plots are now level 5 requirement
  • Players will no longer be teleported under the bridge when the gold canary mine is resetting
  • Wizardry has been added
  • Coin multiplier is now x0.2 per level
  • RNG drops show in chat (toggle using the /menu)
  • Pickaxes have been added until level 100
  • Prevented entering of areas until specific Pickaxe Level

Thank you!

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