A Minecraft Java and Bedrock Survival Multiplayer server.
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What do we have?

True Crossplay

Both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players can play on the server.


We provide support to our player base through our ticketing system.

Latest Minecraft version

We support the latest Minecraft version at any time. However, backwards compatibility is available too.

No lag

Our server does not lag, to ensure that members have a great experience on the server.

Lots of Experience

Started on the 17th of May 2020, we have since been providing a safe and fun community for all to enjoy.

Silic's name was obtained from Silicon.

Silicon is a flexible material.


Adapting to the constantly changing player base


Easy way to receive support


Constant updates to keep the server going


Support channels on our Discord server

What are you waiting for?

Join Silic today!

Server IP
All Minecraft versions from Minecraft 1.16 onwards.
Java Edition.